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How We Work

How Do We Work?

The idea of simply paying a consultancy to complete an item of work and delivering it is an outdated concept.

Mobilise Digital work with our clients on a collaborative consultancy basis to ensure that any work delivered is not only to a high standard, but that your employees will have the knowledge and understanding to work independently moving forward.

We accomplish this through our various working practices, some of which are:

Paired Programming

We work directly with our clients to ensure the knowledge is passed from consultant to client in real time to allow for early client engagement and kinaesthetic learning throughout the process.

The earlier our clients are involved, the more collaborative the effort, yielding long-standing results and relationships.

Knowledge Transfer

Handing over a completed project to our clients is a significant transfer of responsibility for which we take a great deal of care and attention. The sharing of knowledge throughout the project is broken down into packages which can be used for initial and ongoing training and upskilling.

“Agile practices focus on giving teams and individuals ownership of their work and accountability to the team and organisation, so that you can care to make things better.”

Discovery Exercises

Before you commit to building a service, you need to understand the problem that needs to be solved. That means learning about – your users and what they’re trying to achieve, any constraints you face, opportunities to improve things. Our discovery exercises ensure you understand enough about the project to go head to an alpha phase.

Agile Working

At Mobilise we have a great deal of experience of working in an agile way with our customers and their stakeholders. We do this by picking the right agile mythologies that allow for rapid adjustments throughout a project, this offers repeatable concise processes, reduced risks, allowing for immediate feedback. This is achieved by starting small and scaling up as necessary into self-organising agile teams using agreed agile methodologies that work for the business as a whole.

We can help by taking on and guiding through the various agile roles. From the Product Owner Role to help interpret the stakeholders and business needs, to organise schedule and deliver on projects, to the Scrum Master who guides and mentors the team and removes any impediments that restrict the teams ability to deliver.