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Security Enablement

Secure Design

Bake in best practice across your organisation.


Ongoing montoring and expertise.

Security Accreditations, Health Checks and Audits

We can help ensure your cloud deployments are as secure as they can be. We can also help you with your security accreditations, health checks and audits.

Security Design

Our Certified Solutions Architects with SC clearance provide security oversight during design:

  • External Internet connectivity to mitigate DDoS attacks
  • Use of Web Application Firewalling to provide application layer security
  • Web access tied down to http/https in many layers
  • Segregation of network into VLANs with separate security firewalls (Security Groups) allowing only specific traffic between zones
  • Complete separation of Production and Non-Production access and networks
  • Retention of security logs in separate accounts.
  • External Internet connectivity to mitigate DDoS attacks

Security Support

Our security engineers provide ongoing support:

  • Managing security software toolsets,
  • Responding to and managing incidents,
  • Providing security guidance during software or infrastructure change


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